John Collings


He was born and lives in the city of Eastbourne, Great Britain. He studied at the University of Brighton. The founder of the MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT THEATRE COMPANY. Raising funds through theatre for this charity. He also works a playwright, producer & lyrist. Now he specializes in short comedy plays.

Do you often go to the theater?


Very rarely go to the theatre.


What play would you never write?


A write to order play.


Tell us about your first play. What motivated you to write it?


My first play was me trying to write like Harold Pinter. It was about a relationship i was in. 


Did you learn to write plays?


I sort of learnt to write plays. 


What are you working on now?


I am now writing short comedy plays. 


Can you recall the brightest episode from your childhood?


Living neat the Seaside in a caravan. 


Tell us about the plays and playwrights you like.


The Caretaker by Harold Pinter is my favourite play. Harold Pinter is my favourite playwright. I also love Dennis Potter.


What do you think of Shakespeare?


Great playwright.


What problems do you face with the modern English playwright?




Are there topics in the UK that are not taken up in drama?


I don't know.


What do you think about Russia?


Great place. 


Are there any social lifts for playwrights in the UK?


Possible if you know people in the rulling class. 


Tell us about your creative plans.


To stage my Panto in 2019.


How do you write a play? Tell us about how it happens.


It is a complicate journey, a long lourney, to long to explain here.


Have you ever written a play to order?




Have you ever worked on a play together with a director or a theater?




Is the contemporary play in demand in the UK?


Not sure. 


Tell us about your daily life.


Writing off and on all day. 


Tell a few words about your play, which will be seen in Russia.


It's about different routes you can take in life. 


How are you represented on the network? (links)


Not very much. 


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