A series of performances «Delicate interference»

St. Petersburg, 2017 year.

«Pilgrimage of water», «Window of two», «Dream of the forest ashes»


Objectives: identification and manifestation of local archetypes, delicate interference in the urban environment.

Pilgrimage of water

Jenya Stashkov, Svetlana Slastnikova, Elena Ionova. Video by Yaroslav Yazykov.

The idea. Identified archetypes: Leo, White maidens, anthropomorphic Dolphin, fountain, goldfish, movement along the water, smooth water transfusion, fishing, diving, Bald man, desire to give.

Three characters move along the Fontanka River from Nevsky Prospect to the Neva, stopping at each bridge. In the hands of Leo is Dolphin, in the hands of the Virgins are the heads of the Bald man, in which lie the candy. The virgins distribute sweets to passers-by, getting them out of their heads.

On the first bridge there is a «delicate replenishment of the water balance», the Virgins pours water into the river, the Leo exploits the Dolphin, forcing it to pour water out of his mouth.

On the second bridge there is a «fishing». The Leo, continuing to exploit the Dolphin, lowers him to the water on the ropes. The Virgins lower goldfish to the water.

On the third bridge there is a symbolic return of Dolphin in habitat - the Virgins waving a cloth symbolizing water, Leo wraps the Dolphin in cloth and carries away. The performance ends.

Revealed meanings. The Dolphin was the central character of the performance, the goal is to return him to the natural environment through suffering.


Observations and reactions. Smiled. Photographed. Some withdrew. Some tried to start a dialogue. Comments: "We have a tragedy! We save the Dolphin! ». «Do not you poison us with Fontanka?», «Why do not you explain anything? People are not clear!». Some tried to protect their children from what was happening. In general, people are tense, there is a great mistrust, passive aggression.

Window of two

Jenya Stashkov, Elena Ionova. Video by Dmitriy Stanchuk.

The idea. Identified archetypes: Mystical Birds, Anthropomorphic Birds, seagulls, ringing, bells, sun, interpersonal relationships.

Two mystical birds, one of which is pinned on the chest with a golden circle, build relationships, try to synchronize movements, look for similar ones. They exchange glances. They are moving along the alley.

Revealed meanings. A premonition of a solar eclipse. The kidnapping of the sun by a black bird.


Observations and reactions. Smiled. Photographed. Comments: «Stop fretting. And you have it agreed with someone? «. People are more relaxed. The security of the territory is passively aggressive. 

Dream about the forest ashes (dedicated to Anton Adasinsky)

Jenya Stashkov, Elena Ionova, Dmitry Stanchuk. Video by Elena Kuzmenok.

The idea. Identified archetypes: Leo, Goddess Hochen, Mystical Bird, Forest Goddess, trees, Bald man, movement along the water, desire to give, awakening, falling asleep, hidden things, ringing, short-term games.

Three characters spend their short-term games in the Tauride Garden. The Leo with a rattle in his hands finds a bundle with the head of the Bald man, in the head a small tree is hidden. The Leo awakens the Bird, they find another bundle with the head of the Bald man, in this head, too, a small tree is hidden. The Leo and the Bird awaken the Goddess Hochen. They hang heads on her staff, turning it into a rocker. The Goddess, the Leo and the Bird go to a mystical journey along the man-made pond. During the journey, the Leo and the Bird give trees to random passers-by. Returning to the original places, all the characters fall asleep.

Revealed meanings. Performance about short-term games, identical changes of the seasons, when nature comes into motion, and then again freezes.


Observations and reactions. Smiled. Photographed. Some tried to start a dialogue. Comments: «This is such a theatrical production, which means only what you see». People are relaxed, uninhibited, calm.