«Ga-Yo». Performance art

Jenya Stashkov, Dmitry Stanchuk. Video by Elena Ionova, Alexandra Makeyeva.

Public meditation, loneliness in the crowd is explored. Meditation is revealed in various aspects: it is repeated many times the same movements, and mudra-meditation, and looped musical and spoken phrases (mantras). At the lowest level - this is the myth of the creation of yoga, on the higher - the myth of the creation of the world, because everything is yoga.

Objectives: identification and manifestation of local archetypes, interference in the urban environment, public meditation.

The idea. Identified archetypes: Angels, enlightened men, a multitude of faces, higher entities, a halo-wreath, liberation, the desire to give, play.

The two higher entities, enclosed in a common cocoon, are awakened, synchronized. Lay envelopes with sealed in them pictures. Gradually realizing themselves, change externally. They fall into a pair synchronous meditation. They distribute envelopes. Fold the cocoon into a bowl and attract others to their game with cries of «Ga-yo! Ga-yo!». After that they finish their meditation.

Revealed meanings. A short-term game about the creation of the universe through rhythms.


Observations and reactions. Did not notice, passed by, photographed. They stopped. They asked what was going on.