Performance-dilogy «Hares»

«Unexpected guests» Performance art


August 26, 2018
St. Petersburg
Courtyard of the Big Gostiny Dvor
Festival «Live Streets»

Performers: Dmitry Stanchuk, Natalya Makarova, Jenya Stashkov
Artist, photo, video: Elena Ionova

«Unexpected Guests» is a musical-plastic discourse about the first step in a new territory (closed space of the Big Gostiny Dvor). The first step is to make new images, new beings, new meanings. They got an untapped potential void and the power to transform themselves and a place together.

«More Zaykee» Performance art

September 16, 2018
St. Petersburg
Tchaikovsky, 2 (Courtyard)

Performers: Dmitry Stanchuk, Tatyana Stashkova, Darina Panteleeva, Jenya Stashkov
Artist, video: Elena Ionova

«More Zaykee» is a performance about hares that can appear from just about anything. Or transform from anything.