Performance «Words over the mountains»

Nizhny Tagil, 2016, Art Space «Egg»

Characters and performers:

She - Olga Ionova

He - Natasha of February

Spirit of the mountains - Jenya Stashkov

The spirits of the forest mountains: Valentina Vetoshkina, Vyacheslav Georgiev, Darya Gimranova, Alexander Subbotin, (Olga Zimina, Natasha Makarova).

Director: Elena Ionova.

The performance is based on the poems of contemporary Ural poets, included in the «Anthology of Modern Urals Poetry» (compiled by V.O. Kalpidi).

The play is a kind of experiment: is it possible to create a whole literary work on such a literary basis, is it possible to deduce from the texts of various authors of full-fledged characters and find a story that is able to tie everything together?

The Ural mountains, filled with their mystical energy, penetrate the poetry of the authors and form a special imagery. Poetic texts, in turn, dictate a certain scale and visuals. Thus, on the stage a whole world unfolds, full of archetypes, reincarnations and strange creatures.

The project received support at the Tavrida All-Russian Educational Forum.

Duration: 45 minutes.