The «Neem» Prize

The first independent international Prize for improper Drama.

The «Neem» award was created to support and identify underground dramatic waters.


Jenya Stashkov, playwright.

Library of electronic self-publishing «Biblioteka Tramp».

Performance-troupe «Vibrating body».

134 applications from authors from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Latvia and the USA have been sent.

Results of the First Independent International Prize for Improper Drama «Nim»


Aglaya Yurieva, play «Conversations in the kitchen».

Marina Dadychenko, play «The Carp».

The awarding ceremony took place in St. Petersburg in the art-center «Borey» in July 2, 2017.

In the framework of summing up the results of the award, the Read-Through of the play «The Carp», playwright Marina Dadychenko is presented.


Participants: Jenya Stashkov, Tatiana Psareva, Alexandra Makeeva, Elena Ionova.